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08Aug 2017

5 Common Branding Mistakes to Avoid

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Your brand is your unique identity. Branding errors can continually plague your business and leave a negative impact on the public perception of your brand. If you follow some Basic Branding Rules, you can reap insurmountable benefits and make your brand memorable and recognizable.

Avoiding the below common branding mistakes can make or break you in the global marketplace. Proper branding can lead to relatable benefits in improving the image of the brand and in ultimately improving your profits. After all, 1 quality lead is worth a 100 leads in the long run.

Analyze and alter your brand strategy periodically to see what works best for you. Be a good communicator to others as well as introduce creative ideas. New concepts of brand related value, power and equity are coined and measured every few days, so you need to nurture and cultivate your brand towards promotion and success consistently.
In your quest for a memorable and dynamic brand experience, you need to watch out for the following branding mistakes.

Branding blunders to avoid

  • Not branding right
    Sometimes we ignore or underemphasize our branding. Branding is as important as funding for our product or spending time in developing our product. Proper brand management gives you that unique identity that leaves a lasting impression on the consumer’s mind and builds strong associations which add to your brand’s inherent value. Avoid diluted or undefined brand messages or taglines.
  • Not selling your strengths
    Highlight your abilities and realize that capitalizing on your strengths adds to your core product value. Communicate with existing and potential customers so that they know and revel in the fact that your product is from a stable company.
  • Having a complicated strategy
    Your brand building should be along clean, elegant and easy to implement lines. Make an honest analysis of your product and realize that having a complex marketing or other strategy can erode or adversely affect the faith your customer has in your brand. Always remember to deliver on your brand’s promise.
  • Ignoring Customer comments and feedback
    Make public opinion your barometer. Ask for feedback from every old or new customer. People become more dedicated towards your brand on a deeper level only if you pay attention to them otherwise they could feel distanced. If possible reward customer feedback. Check negative things and give merit to your customer’s complaint(s).
  • Not bothering to Update
    Even a slight misstep like not updating your website or products can be detrimental to your branding. Use all communication as well as analytic tools available at your disposal for effective brand management. Capitalize your positives periodically and put some effort to neutralize your negatives.

4 Tips for a Good Brand
Build a strong bond between customers and your brand in order to leave a lasting impression.
Most brands that are considered top notch are consistent in their day to day brand building operations.

  • Be unique
    Do not follow the herd but polish your unique business philosophy. Define your brand and position and personalize it so that it stands out from the competition. At the same time do not be fake or appear very wishy-washy with your branding. Find a great way to tell your customers and have an edge over competition.
  • Have passion
    Show some passionate zeal and creativity towards your brand on a regular basis. Do not show stale or missing information on your website. Keep making relevant changes which show that you are happy with what you do. Build some excitement around your brand by having a great teaser campaign.
  • Be consistent
    Inconsistencies can lead to a lot of confusion. Update all brand logos, signage, websites and advertising simultaneously, so that the customer is not confused with conflicting brand information when he gets drawn towards your brand.
  • Have a competitive drive
    Use social media or loyalty programs to show that you are at par with the competition. Focus on your niche market to showcase your brand. You can use business cards, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or even blogs to enhance your brand visibility.

Your brand’s unique identity will help the consumers in building a strong perception that will accumulate in positive buying behavior.

Avoiding the above 5 common branding mistakes can catapult your product towards a superior customer and management experience which leads to a positive culture and ethos around your brand.


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