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20Sep 2017

From a Good to a Great Website Designer

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A good website design might be pretty but a great website design is prettier and from a designer’s perspective, complements are always good and give you a warm, fuzzy feeling.
A great web designer will optimize the website to make it responsive to the ever changing scenario, so that customers keep coming in droves. He/she is not bothered about the coding or scripting but is more into the aesthetic appeal of the site down to the last pixel count.

Some surefire master tips

Intuitive and visually appealing
A great web designer motivates you so that you appreciate the size, positioning and spaces of the various elements on the website. The pages add to the quality of the visual appeal in such a way that the customer leaves after having a totally pleasurable experience.
A great web designer adds to the intuitiveness and familiarity on the site with attractive graphics. Though Photoshop works, one needs to understand the psychology of the web user as well, which is where a great web designer comes in.

Using valuable data in designing
Data is a combination of various facts, figures and complex testing insights which come together to communicate a good to great design skillfully.
Design as well as Infographics (whether static or interactive), always add to a website’s attractiveness and appeal. Everybody’s opinion is understood and a great design comes to the fore.
Widgets are used with social media nowadays on most new age websites and portfolios and are an effective data parameter that also raise statistics and traffic.

Designing for end users
Users of a website come from different demographic and psychographic backgrounds but the web designer has to show his creative side as well as marketing side to achieve greatness.
He/she needs to address the customer’s goals, needs, behavior and ego from every angle, keeping in mind that all thought processes can be radically different.
From a user’s perspective, a site can be chaotic or harmonious. Some people analyze every point and nuance whereas others barely scan a few words on the entire site.

Using all the basics
The basics of a great website is functionality, consistency and reliability from all aspects. It is a combination of truly great website design layouts, along with colors and interesting appealing fonts.
The final product should meet all the client’s goals and be on-target. Whether simple or complex, all basics should come together to design, build or make changes to a website.

Writing effective copy on the website
Copy writing is another powerful tool where words match the personality of the site with flowing harmonious content.
Multinationals and all kinds of businesses have a worldwide audience now and are promoting themselves globally all the time. This is where specialized copywriters need to write professional content for website campaigns to keep up with the changing times.
Content or Copy is always king. Your written text matter should be short, simple, eye-catching and target your main audience. Skilled and expert copy with all the essential keywords fed in, is a hallmark of a successful website.

Final verdict
Remember, a web designer carves his own niche and is different to a web programmer and even a web writer. A great web designer’s work will be bright, friendly, easy and informative even with tight time constraints and budget limitations. His/her hard work, dedication and experience will always come to the fore. Ultimately you save time, money and business reputation by hiring a professional, effective web designer who does a great job.
A great web designer understands small nuances of designing that might be lost on a novice designer and implements persuasive strategies to boost up site visits or sales. For e.g., using flash content or pages to draw in traffic from search engines will not work since flash is mostly ignored by the crawling web spider.
Every visitor to a website has a perception of the site or business that can be psychologically enhanced by a great website designer to produce fruitful results.
If people can get attracted to the website, finish their task and find all information that they need without getting confused, frustrated or even misdirected, then you have a winner on your hands. A great web design always works.


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